Officine Meccaniche Porro, specialized in the craftsmanship of metal since 1946, maintains the care and the dedication that have been characterizing the realization of its products with the new branch AD-HOC Division, which allows the company to satisfy the most demanding clients’ requests with skills and know how.


The Ad-Hoc Division team can realize any noble metal-made product with prestigious craftsmanship having also the possibility to use the most advanced processing and finishing technologies. Special and custom made projects are developed thanks to the close collaboration between the business team and the customer, a relationship that, from the very first steps, allows clients to quickly and easily translate all the requirements into products.


Distinctiveness, luxury, refinement and personalization are the key words of Ad-Hoc Division which is created in response to the needs of having specific precious metal products, from the simplest to the most complex, today not commercially available. A team of professionals leads customers from the concept phase to the products realization, providing them with the necessary skills and effectively exploiting the experience gained in the field.

The pursuit of excellence and the wish of being aligned with the highest quality level has always been the company’s main aim, and is translated into the production of unique pieces through an almost perfect system. The metaphor of natural excellences gives the possibility to envision the preciousness and exclusivity that characterize the products, which are the results of a continuous research process.


The most characteristic feature of Ad-Hoc Division is the possibility to realize custom products shaped according to each client’s requests and needs. Precise details, innovative finishes and complex shapes are the ingredients which, mixed with ability and craftsmanship, allow the achievement of unique pieces that meet the highest satisfaction rates.




Working metals is our art; many of our products are still finished with handmade precision. Being excellent craftsmen today means to maintain the great heritage of skills while exploiting the superior quality allowed by the innovative technologies and tools.




Our division can realize biggerthan standards and special handles, sati sfying every customer’s requests.


Ad-Hoc works with fashion brands for the producti on of belts and bags metal details.



Furniture sector is another important market, as Ad-Hoc Division can also work in an efficent way for the realization of metal components for tables, beds, sofas and armchairs, elements for cabinets, gates and external doors.


Ad-Hoc Division creates special finishes, included the PVD treatment, for different items such as taps, equitati on equipment, casino accessories, etc.


Ad-Hoc Division also works in case of restorati on and reproducti on of door handles and metal and anti que objects no more available in the market.


We are a team of experienced and meticulous technicians who work together in order to create the best quality products. Everyone has his own field of expertise, ranging from technical drawing, through chemistry, to metalworking. Starting from a detailed preliminary study, using the best techniques available, each idea comes to fruition in our Ad-Hoc Division.

Enrico Cassina - CustumMade_progettazione


Study and execution of new production processes and new products

Enrico Cassina - CustumMade_ricerca

Research and Innovation

Realization of custom-made projects and development of new products

Enrico Cassina - CustumMade_ing

Product Engineering

Settlement of production phases, tooling and production components

Enrico Cassina - CustumMade_soluzioni


Direct relation with the commercial department to satisfy Customers’ requirements

Enrico Cassina - CustumMade_svisual


Design of customized display solutions for the Customers’ showrooms

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