The classicism of shapes is combined with the traditi on of the techniques used to create a collection of products whose porosity and roughness become a guarantee of authenti city and uniqueness. It is the exclusivity that gives value to these products, and the impefecti on, generally associated with a waste product, takes on a peculiar
and eliti st meaning.


If the processes of industrialization have led to a gradual move away from manual processes, making them obsolete and less used, with the sand cast process we experience a reversal of trends towards the recovering of the attention to the manual skills and, therefore, to the craftsmen’s work.


Sand casting consists of a metal molding process that uses sand as a mold for the material. The model, first carefully realized in engraved wood, is put inside the sand mold and pressed until the correct shape is defined. During the next step the wood model is extracted and the mold is closed, allowing to roll the material inside the mold for the product’s birth. Subsequently, the model is finished thanks to the skills of expert craftsmen.

Looking at the natural processes and the imperfections created sometimes by chance, sometimes by the flow of time, it is possible to understand how chromatic variations, superficial transformations and shape alterations could actually turn into charming and expressive features. Imperfections make everything unique, and therefore perfect in its own way. The emotion ascribable to this discovery is the added value that men look for in the items around them, which need to be special, valued and exclusive.


Often, the most charming items are those on which time has marked its way, as they are able to bring back the past: through their imperfections it is possible to recollect a vision imprinted in the memory or to live a special moment again. Usually these pieces have unique tactile and visual features that, together with imperfections, enhance their value as authentic and original elements. In the same way, each Ad-Hoc piece owns an aesthetical
and imaginative potential which also carries an history made of craftsmanship and excellence, revealed by the surface and by the imperfection itself.

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