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June 8, 2015

The BMX, icon of the 80s, synonym of the freestyle and adrenalin, has been inspiration for the Florentine designer Lorenzo Susini, who, by reinterpreting the colored grips of the handlebar, projected the handle.

This is the ideation of the Pop Gum, the lively news which revolutionized the concept of finish, by proposing to the market the handle which decorates the door and, at the same time, communicates its own mood.
It has been created for young Customers and offer the possibility to express the proper feeling, thanks to the colour’s metamorphosis.
The six covers in soft gum can be easily unhooked and replaced, in order to adapt the space to the mood of the moment.

A way “at your fingertips” to communicate with the energy of yellow or the calm of blue, with the composure of green, the melancholy of grey or with the alarming red.

The structure of the handle is in hot pressed brass with non-toxic gum covers. It can be easily assembled without any additional working on the door and screws not at sight.

The new Pop Gum handle has been launched at the Milano Design Week at the Fuori Salone in a dedicated area by Livingooh, a new young Milanese reality, that welcomed Pop Gum with a funny solution, where we involved visitors in the new idea of interchangeability of the handle.
With this event we launched also the page WHICH COLOUR on Facebook, which continues the research and the investigation of colour: the colors of Pop Gum. Enrico Cassina is the first company which introduced the colour in the world of handles and related furnishing accessories. 

Since the 14th of April 2015 the Pop Gum handle is available on rose and with DK mechanism. 

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