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September 23, 2015


Research and analysis have been the indispensable “moments” to undertake the path that has led to the creation of the “Anni Trenta” handles collection, with the same rigorous and scientific spirit already undertaken for the handles collection “Anni Cinquanta”. 



Having the possibility to freely access the archive purchased by the Company Enrico Cassina, touching first-hand all the handles models has been an experience able to open up new horizons, in other words the awareness to have something unique to absolutely share and reproduce.

The following support given by the research of original materials of that period in the State Archive and the Library of Politecnico di Milano allowed to carry out a more analytic and detailed work, up to the choice of fundamental and significant handles to represent the Thirties. 



We are absolutely in line with the trend, typical of ‘30s and ‘40s to think and produce in a “ new way”. The objects are studied, designed and realized according to the new modernity needs suggested by the shapes and materials, which are rigorously bound to the new industrial technologies. “Beauty” can be reached also thanks to simple but mechanically perfect objects. 

Architect Elisabetta Terragni


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