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April 13, 2018


OMP PORRO with its handles belonging to the ALFREDO PORRO, ENRICO CASSINA and the new ÉLITE collection is pleased to be present at the booth of the prestigious company NEW DESIGN PORTE.

The products manufactured by NEW DESIGN PORTE are of high quality and intended for customers with exquisite tastes. Thanks to the inspiration from various historical periods, production is constantly enriched with new proposals, all with elegance and good taste.
In the various collections the finest materials combine with craftsmanship; finishes are created using the typical products of long ago and are executed by hand by experienced masters of art.

A production which can perfectly be associated with the Alfredo Porro and Enrico Cassina Brands and the new ÉLITE collection,  realized by the Ad-Hoc Division of the OMP PORRO company, where we re-discovered the antique production process of sand casting.

With the ÉLITE collection , the classicism of shapes is combined with the tradition of the techniques used to create a collection of products, whose porosity and roughness become a guarantee of authenticity and craftsmanship.
The flaw, generally associated with a waste product, takes on a peculiar and elitist meaning.


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